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Shooting Star:

Unpredictable, Yet Beautiful

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Little tibits about me: I live in Arizona, hispanic/white hybrid, I'm pagan, a singer, a dancer, a rising drag performer, an artist, and an over-all fierce beyotch. I'm also gay, so if that frightens you, then turn away now. I'm procrastinating of sorts with my higher education. When I return, I will be pursuing my nursing credentials. In my livejournal, you'll find my life in a nutshell...psychoanalyze if you wish. Regail yourself with tales of my exploits, personality quiz results, and an array of song recommendations with my "Listening to" songs.


My Colorbars

Chick Rawk Love!
♥♥ Chick Rawk Is Love! ♥♥

Hot Guyz Are Love!
♥♥ Hott Guyz Are Love ♥♥

Shoujo Anime Is Love
♥♥ Shoujo Anime Is Love ♥♥

Pretty Guardain Sailormoon Is Love!
♥♥ Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Is Love ♥♥

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Is Love!
♥♥ Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Is Love ♥♥

Digimon Adventure Is Love!
♥♥ Digimon Adventure Is Love ♥♥

The Codes for these color bars are here.